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      Newsletter, Spring 08

Beloved friends!

We wish you a beautiful springtime and a great flowering from Mexico! We spend the last five weeks here working on love, death and meditation and as so often it corresponded with strong events in our own life. Half a year a go Devapath's brother and only one month ago Shanti's father died pretty unexpectedly.

Now we just come back from the most beautiful beach group adventure at Akhumal-Tulum on the Yucatan Peninsula in the Mexican Caribbean. Friends came from everywhere: Mexico, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, Germany and even Taiwan. Especially for the Europeans it was so amazing to enjoy the warm sun, the beach and the ocean after a long winter at home.

Living and working in a beautiful villa at the beach we enjoyed so much to hang out on our terrace, be on our private beach or swim in the sea. Just in front of our place was the big Half Moon Bay, which is part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the second biggest coral reef in the world. Some of us took the chance and went snorkelling to discover the wonders of this rich under water world.

The turquoise ocean was pretty shallow and protected from the waves and allowed us to work there intensely with Aquaprana Ocean Healing. Especially the work under water was for some of us a great break through in loosing fear and opening the third eye for meditation.

As you know us, we can't stop breathing, and after the water work we went into deep breath sessions to process our ocean experiences. It was quite impressing what motions, emotions and memories this all brought up in each of us - from womb and childhood memories to intensive love and death experiences.

So rich was our learning in the Ocean Love experience this year that we felt a good name for our being there would be OSHO BEACH UNIVERSITY. It took not long and we were ready to celebrate it in our favourite little Italian restaurant of friends on the Tulum beach.

Here we are and plan already to go back again for the end of the year. From November 1-8 we will have our next beach adventure with OCEAN BREEZE - AQUAPRANA OCEAN HEALING AND THE MYSTERY OF LIFE. We have reserved already an even more beautiful beach villa with space for twenty people.

We would love to see you here again or coming for the first time to explore the joys of the Caribbean and dive into our inner treasures together. Just remember that the spaces will be limited and you need to make your booking in time.

Right now we are already starting to prepare the 6. SUMMER MULTIVERSITY in the OSHO MIASTO INSTITUTE, close to Firenze in Tuscani/Italy. It's the meeting time for THE SCHOOL and we will facilitate an intensive program of training courses for the beginner as much as the advanced seeker on the path of transformation.

Further down we send you the program and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to write to us. We are happy to stay in contact with you and send lots of love and warm hugs from the Caribbean! Shanti and Devapath


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